Best Comic Book Decor Ideas

There are so many ways we wish to change the way our house looks, so many aesthetics to choose from. But here is a thing, how about comic books? Something we grew up with and our children are now growing up with. Comic Books take us to another world, why not bring their world to us with these amazing décor ideas? Don’t you want to have things in your house that come from comic books? These décor ideas will brighten up your day.

Comic Book Decor

1. Frames

Frame up your favorite moments from comic books or frame your favorite character’s picture and hang it on the wall. There’s nothing better than getting up, seeing your favorite character and getting all charged up. Frames can be customized; therefore, you can cut costs by printing out your pictures on your own and framing them with the frame you like from a local Photoshop. Or if you like it better, thousands of frame décor are very easily available online and in stores.

2. Pillow Covers

This is a kind of décor you can use. You can get a comic themed pillow cover for your pillows and sleep and dream of comics all night. These are wonderful décor items that add a spike to your room. Comic themed pillow covers are extremely different from normal pillow covers and immediately set you apart.

3. Wall Paintings

You could go big and paint your wall as Joker or batman or Black widow or anything you like. You could do it on your own and it could be an amazing way to spend time with your siblings and family. But if you don’t want to or don’t have time to then, these days you can get an artist to do wall paintings that are eerily lifelike, life-size and just amazing.

4. Funko Pops and Other Figurines

These are a minimal yet fantastic way to change how your room looks. Put these on the fridge, on your dressing tables, bookshelves, closets or anywhere you feel like. Easy to grab eyeballs, they will impress everyone. They are bright and cute and will cheer you up. Yes, they can be a little Pricey but they are worth it. Little figurines that can bring huge changes to your house. The best part about these is that if you have lesser space, you can still fulfil your comic décor wishes.

5. Clocks

Let Wolverine tell you the time. The one thing that is in every home is a clock and that is also the thing everyone sees. You could get yourself a comic themed clock and use it up for ages and still be charmed by its funkiness and beauty.

6. Fans

Children will love this. Get your child a comic themed fan and watch how your kid never leaves the room to cause trouble. Most fans are simple, have solid colors and are boring. You could change that. Bring in a superhero or villain themed fan that’ll fill you with delight every day.

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