Marvel Encyclopedia 2020 review

This encyclopedia is like a treasure to a Nerd. There are collectibles, movies, games and everything out there, but this encyclopedia outweighs them all. Marvel Encyclopedia has everything about Marvel, from the tiniest of details that you might have missed to the biggest fact there is about Marvel.


The best thing about this encyclopedia is that it covers 99% of the Marvel characters, villains and superheroes. It is truly comprehensive. This isn’t just a single narrative. This is a compilation of all the things that you find in the world of Marvel. Most people know only about the Marvel characters that are shown in the movies. But there are so many more characters from the comics. There are important background characters as well. If you are a new Marvel fan and want to know more about the characters, this book is for you. If you are an old marvel fan, you can go through the pages and live your Marvel Fan-life again. It’s an amazing walk down memory lane.


The Content

It is almost never-ending with the amount of content it has. There are basic facts about the Marvel Characters and interesting facts about Marvel overall. The main and popular characters have dedicated pages that have long histories, facts and figures, information on their power, first appearances, height, weight, etc. The lesser popular characters have either half a page or a few paragraphs. There are even small paragraphs about notable appearances that we mostly tend to forget. From origin stories to backstories to trivia, character specifications, old and new characters, upcoming characters, snippets and much more.

Marvel fans know that there are many confusions in a lot of Marvel series and you’re kept wondering why some things happened the way they did.

This book cures all your confusion. They have essential storylines, for example, the origin of Doctor Doom. These storylines widen your Marvel knowledge and give you new things to read about. Who doesn’t love that ‘reading for the first time’ feeling?


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The Art Work

The art work and detailing of the book is just amazing. It has all the minor specifications in the artworks, some of which you might have missed in the movies and the comics. The catchy illustrations and mesmerizing creativity will make you stare at the book for hours, even if you are an adult. It is worth the price and it will stay with you for years on end.


It is a spectacular piece of artwork and worth every penny. However, this book is an intensive encyclopedia on the comics version of the characters and there is less or no information about the movies.

This makes a great thing to keep for yourself and also makes for an amazing gift. This could turn non-fans or people who don’t know about Marvel into hardcore Marvel fans. Appropriate and amazing for children and adults alike, this a book for all age groups. Hope you get yours today.

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